White beauties from a previous litter.

Salt and pepper female

Three pups from a past litter.


Black and white beauty.

Kisses for Santa (with "sister" Sienna)

Freshly bathed, awaiting their trip to join their

new families.

Murray & lil brother Wally (now neighbors!)

Car ride with "Dad"

Parti boy

My office where the puppies are born and live the first weeks of their lives.

Lewis is so handsome!

Darcy with kisses for "Mom"

Apollo at 7 months

Millie at 2 years loves being a part of EVERYTHING.

Parti puppy

Do they get along with cats?

Adult schnoodle Gracee.

Cody with his new family.

Parti girl, all grown up.

One of our adult white darlings.

First boat ride.

  Adult male "Wally"

My office where the puppies are born and live the first weeks of their lives.

Daisy camping

Chekov loves his new "mom"